Macy’s Christmas Windows – November 2012

Spaeth Designs

This was the first and only season I worked with Spaeth, the legendary display shop responsible for many of the most ambitious window displays in Manhattan.  They had a great scenic crew, and I wish I had gotten involved earlier, even if it might have meant less money.  Some of the small pieces they made would have been so much fun to paint.  During the time I had I got to do a lot of work caulking and painting the huge styrofoam window frames.  I also got to fulfill my dream of yelling “Hey, I’m working here” on a ladder in New York.  The install was a hard job, especially because of how claustrophobic I can get.  The spaces behind the windows were incredibly tight.  We finished just at the deadline, as crowds were gathering to see the unveiling, and it was very rewarding to stand in the gathered crowds, even if I was a late addition to the project.

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