Christian Louboutin Display – Madison Avenue

Sets Machine

This job was about eight to ten days, and like most of the projects I’ve been involved in, we worked long hours and hoped to sleep at the end.  It wasn’t the most complex work, in terms of painting, but not all of them are.  As much fun as it is to learn new techniques, to accomplish an interesting faux, or to carefully sand a finished sculpture, my job is to do what needs to be done with a high level of skill.  Even if it is mostly just painting things a matte off-white.  There was a lot of plastering and sanding that I was proud of, but what I’ll take most from this job was the 25 hour shift that marked our last day.  Brandon and Joe, the owners of Sets Machine, work with legendary endurance.  You have to bring your A game when you work with such a committed crew.  My rules in this industry are:  Work hard, don’t complain, don’t turn down work, and don’t ask to leave early.  The hours can get to you, but the feeling of shared accomplishment makes every job worth it.


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