Sorolla at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute

The job that started it all.  After I tried out at Creative Engineering, I made enough of an impression on their charge scenics Angela and Spike that they asked for me on this project.  It was a hand faux technique that lasted for most of a month and a half.  There was so much orange.  My clothes would be caked with bright orange paint, and my eyes would so seared by the color that the yellow cabs driving down Park avenue would look green.  I had to tell the hotdog guy at hunter college I was working all day in the mustard mines, or painting the yellow lines on the street by being dragged behind a bus.

This job was a turning point for me, personally and professionally.  I felt proud of the work I did, the techniques I learned and the relationships I forged.  I will never able to thank Angela Lucido enough for what she’s done for me, as a charge scenic and as a friend.

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