Joe – 2006

An image from years ago, back when I was drawing everything freehand.  My friend Joe was a chronically down on his luck guy I knew from the Green Room, in Toronto.  As dark as this portrait is, Joe loved it.  He was a pretty dark guy.  I wish I knew if he was still around, somewhere, but I haven’t run into him in years.

On a related note, 2006 was a hard one for me and art.  I started using my artists signature when I was 19, and I’ve always loved it.  It’s attractive, and easy to hide, which is important when you do a lot of work in pen.  But the BC 06 always ended up looking like Bob.  Every piece I finished that year looks like some dude named Bob did it.  It aint true, though.  Bob had nothing to do with it.

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