Idea of the Day – July 2, 2015

400. Short film/music video about a young ice cream truck driver in New York.  His whole life is defined by that terrifyingly annoying song.  It follows him through waking up, getting the truck and driving around with it throughout the day.  As he passes groups the song continues, but gets mixed up with music and art outside (like a group of people on a corner trading rap verses over the song with beat boxing over it).  Even after work his life is defined by the song, morphing from a club song at home to a rock band in a bar.  Walking den the street he could be listening to a version n his smartphone, walk past a choir on the street, and then through a marching band all playing the song.

Today’s idea was a number chosen at random by my niece Emma. I had totally forgotten about this, one of several ideas defined by the madness caused when I had to hear that song hundreds of times a day.

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