Idea of the Day – May 29, 2015

955.  Google should buy the entire Planet Fitness chain.  

They could rebrand the company, reduce the cost of memberships to five dollars a month, and upgrade the machines to have automatic communication between your smarthphone or wearable and the machine.  This is huge for people who work out. Even the best wearables don’t know what exercise you’re doing, what weight you’re at, or any of the smaller factors involved in a workout, like rest, pace, etc.  You can record all of these things, but that’s a hard thing to do in the middle of a workout.  If they want to get ambitious, they could build a social network that can communicate the information seamlessly.  The membership would pay for the space, and Google would make a profit by giving people a powerful new motivation to use their smartphones and to buy wearables.  As well, of course, as the mountain of health data voluntarily given, that is tied directly to peoples Google account.  All while getting the promotional benefit of selling five dollar gym memberships.

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