Idea of the Day – May 12, 2015

519.  A band that plays instruments made out rare scientific or historic things, like a guitar made out of an ancient redwood, or a microphone stand made out of a dinosaur bone.

So the place I applied for in Toronto is a wash, which is sad for a bunch of reasons.  For one, even though I’d planned on waiting until I’d gotten my union permit to come back, this place would have been cheap and great and mine.  My own kitchen, my own bathroom.  Who cares if it’s just the one room.  I would never have had to close the door to my bathroom again. It’s alose sad because I think I lost it because of my lack of credit.  Not bad credit, mind you.  Nonexistent credit. Credit cards and loans have always freaked me out.  I’m an artist, so my income isn’t always very steady, so I didn’t want to put myself in a spot I couldn’t get out of.  Unfortunately, the situation I put myself in might be a lifetime of sharing apartments.

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