Idea of the Day – April 21, 2015

165.  Celebrity Make-a-Wish Foundation

It’s a common and tragic misconception that all celebrities enjoy a life of privilege and opulence that makes our paltry existences seem as pathetic as they truly are.  The truth is that many celebrities are barely getting by.  They have normal sized swimming pools, fridges filled with Costco brand champagne, and assistants that are barely worth what they are paying them.

Today’s idea hopes to bridge the ever-increasing gap between the Haves and the Have-lots.  The current make-a-wish system has been plagued with problems from day one.  Firstly, it has become increasingly difficult to find children whose wish isn’t just to “not die.”  More significantly, however, the current organization lacks a certain sexiness that, one could argue, is much more important to our times than benevolence.  I imagine a weekly t.v. show where you might see Lance Bass taken to Disneyland, Nicole Richie finally reunited with her real father, or Corey Feldman made King for a day of an island filled with prostitutes.

This is charity for the modern age.

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