Idea of the Day – April 14, 2014

#734.  A short story or film about a cab driver who spends an evening with an old children’s entertainer who just lost his wife.

When I was in the eighth grade my family took a trip to the Bahamas over Christmas break.  On our plane, and later in the hotel, was the famed Canadian children’s entertainer, Mr. Dressup.  I’ve never seen someone so kind and friendly.  Wherever he went kids would approach him, and he would make every one of them feel special.

I found out later that just before we met him in the Bahamas he had lost his wife.  Something about that has always stuck with me.  If I wrote this story, it would be a darker character, or at least focus more on the conflicts that exist in all of our lives, and so would be so much more stark for someone who spent his life entertaining kids.

I have to thank my old friend and collaborator Sarah Zar for this one.  She is one of the most talented artists and brilliant minds that I’ve ever known, and I’m lucky to say I’ve known her for most of my life.  I’ll write a post about her and her art in the near future, but today she has been lending me her eye and advice in cleaning up this website, and as always, I can never thank her enough.

I asked her to give me a number between 1 and 1012, she chose #734.  I’m so glad this wasn’t one of my bad ideas.  Seriously, one of them is just “crunchy bubblegum.”   That is just a bad idea.

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