Idea of the Day – April 12, 2015

#263.  Inflatable, disposable shoes

You know those times, when you’re out fighting crime or grading papers or negotiating peace talks, and you just lose you shoes.  Or they disintegrate.  Or explode just after you took them off.  We could have vending machines where you can just type in your size, pick a style, and then feel like you are walking on air.  This would solve just about every major problem we face as humans.

This idea was chosen by Chris Taylor, one of my old, old friends, who picked a random number between one and one thousand and twenty.  His kids were running and screaming, my nieces and nephew right behind them, his oldest making fun of him with such abandon that I had to realize that Chris actually was a cool dad.  It was a good night, and this was the idea.

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