Dove Collage

Click for a closer look

Coming back to Canada is always such a hard thing for me, because it always signals some kind of failure or loss.  The year leading up to me coming back had been one of the best of my life.  I was working cool jobs, lived in a good neighborhood, and was relationship was sometimes ok.  For my ex and I that was something of an accomplishment in itself.

The only upsides to coming back are spending time with my family and getting back to making art that’s about me.  I had to put the painting on hold a bit, just because of space, but I had created dozens of drawing over the last year that couldn’t be colored by hand and weren’t really much to look at by themselves.  So my plan was that I would spend some time building a website, and learning enough about photoshop that I can color these drawings, and make them into large, ambitious collages, and a new set of stickers.

This dove was on of my first real successes at translating my ideas for drawing and painting into digital.  I don’t know if people really connect to it, but I feel very fond of it and I think it will make a really nice sticker.  The background is just a shot from the Empire State building with a boring filter put on it.

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