Idea of the Day – April 8th, 201

#264.  Frank and Wanks Hotdogs and Handjobs

In this age of convenience and access, you would think combining fast food and prostitution into one cozy brand would be a no-brainer.  I imagine the logistics of the drive-thru would be a bit of a headache, but outside of that, what could be more perfect than eating a delicious hot dog, with all the fixings, while being masturbated by a bored, old eastern European lady?

Today is my birthday.  I’m thirty-five damn years old, although, I’m told I don’t look a day past 34.  This idea was from last year on my birthday.  We had Thai food, drinks, and good conversation.  I got to see Sarah, Gene and my sister, and the ex and I didn’t fight once.  It was a good night, until I lost my phone at the Thai restaurant.

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