Idea of the Day

Just over a year ago I started a project that just about sums up my strengths and weaknesses as a person and an artist.  Every day I had to come up with three original ideas.  The ideas could take any form; art, technology, writing, or whatever passes for humor in my addled brain.  Most importantly for a project like this, they didn’t have to be any good.  My goal was to get to a thousand ideas.  One thousand ideas I’m not likely to ever actually follow through on; a pretty perfect metaphor for why I’m still poor in my mid-thirties.

But I did finish the list.

I’ve been struggling with what to do with these ideas.  The best I’ll keep to myself, if only so that I can prove when I come up with something first.  Others I’m going to give out. One every day.  Whether they’re funny, interesting, or actually practical, once I post them, they belong to the world.  Enjoy.

Or don’t.

Idea number 1:

“Kids Cut”:  A children’s hair salon run entirely by children.

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